Adobe Robohelp Server 9.0 | 70.7 MB
Adobe&#-3; RoboHelp&#-3; Server 9 software extends the managing and tracking capabilities of Adobe RoboHelp 9 software. Automatically build multiple sections of a project, and then publish as a unified online information system. Manage user rights and security, and take advantage of simplified deployment and content configuration. Track and analyze data navigation patterns and repeated search requests to optimize help content and enable powerful searches based on a wide range of variables.

Next-generation collaboration and review workflows

Collaborate with authors, subject matter experts (SMEs), and end-users using Adobe&#-3; RoboHelp advanced PDF shared reviews, live linking of shared resources, moderation-enabled commenting workflows in Adobe AIR&#-3; Help, topic-rating and other multi-author environment capabilities.

Dynamic user-centric content

Improve the end-user experience by enabling personalized filtering of content. Author content once and deliver personalized and accurate content that is dynamically filtered based on users&#-3; role, department, geography, products, operating system, or any other parameter specified by the author.

Shared reusable resources

Save time and boost productivity by reusing assets across authors and projects. Maintain consistency and conform to organizational and industry standards using linked resources that can be updated simultaneously.

Community-generated content

Enrich the quality of your content by adding Web 2.0 interactivity with enhanced Adobe&#-3; AIR&#-3; Help features that empower users to add comments and feedback, and generate relevant content independently.

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