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Sujet : HADU CCCam DVB Plugin Beta v0.1.1.7

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    DZSatien Confirmé Avatar de CirtaTeam
    Jun 2009
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    HADU CCCam DVB Plugin Beta v0.1.1.7

    <div style="text-align: center;">mily: Comic Sans MS">HADU CCCam DVB Plugin Beta v0.1.1.7

    Bug fix concerning the trouble for the first of the DCW in case of DVBViewer and NDS/Videoduard encrypted channels
    (first decoding for the channel too long in this case).


    Code PHP: 

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    DZSatien Habitué Avatar de mv700
    Nov 2008
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    <div style="text-align: center;">Hadu CCCam DVB plugin
    Ver :

    Hadu is a CardSharing Client plugin for DVB softwares on PC using DVB TV-Cards (Windows).

    It works as a MD plugin, a DVBCore plugin or as a DVBViewer plugin.

    Currently, it only supports the CCCam protocol (without the AU option).


    - left double-click on icon in Systray displays the Monitor window,

    - workaround for Trumanshare "wrapper" application, which sends TS data with an incorrect length,

    - maximum value for ECMTimeOut option has been increased to 120 seconds,

    - PMT PID is displayed within the Monitor window (just before the status of the PMT),

    - decrypt cyphered subtitles when used as a DVBViewer plugin (DVBViewerAllAudio=1 is required),

    - bug fix concerning Irdeto ECMs with a lots of ChIDs,

    - TimeRecon option added, for re-connections. It is recommended not to modify the default value for this option.


    :attention:Boycotter FlyCccam et son buisness:attention:
    DM 600 Pvr | CCcam

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