Image "DOMICA 6.0" for Dreambox 800 HD kernel (OE-1.6

version patchée pour dream 800 clône sim 1 SSL 70

langue: russe et anglais (testé ok en multiboot)

a telcharger içi

- Updated Enigma2

- addons available now also in Software manager and in Extended Software manager.

- added Wicard softcam.

- Indication of the active emulator in Domica-panel

- skin speed improvements

- added new softcam active menu

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Taille : 36.1 Ko 
ID : 3606

P.S. Sim1 clone drivers freeze 1st image boot. Was added sñriðt with reboot dreambox then needed. Since second booting work perfect.

attendre le 2 ième reboot pour que tout soit ok