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Sujet : newnigma2-stable-lean-dm800se-v4.0.11 -ramiMAHER#ssl84D

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    newnigma2-stable-lean-dm800se-v4.0.11 -ramiMAHER#ssl84D

    newnigma2-stable-lean-dm800se-v4.0.11 -ramiMAHER#ssl84D


    enigma2 patched 4.0: 24.06.2014: by ramiMAHER

    ( Image pour dm 800se clone )


    • Enigma2 4.0: 24.06.2014
    • Enigma2 Plugins: 11.07.2014
    • Newnigma2 Plugins: 11.07.2014

    DM 800 HD se

    • driver: 16.06.2014
    • secondstage: 84
    • kernel 3.2.59

    DM 800 HD se v2

    • driver: 16.06.2014
    • secondstage: 88
    • kernel 3.2.59

    changelog E2 24.06.2014:

    • Use the setting "Automatic wakeup from standby for zap timer" for idle mode, too
    • Hbbtv: fixed playback of zdf video streams
    • Fixed possible crashes on enigma2 start
    • Reworked .cuts file handling to work properly on network storage
      (and fixed possible crashes during recordings)

    changelog E2 16.06.2014:

    • correctly apply AC3/PCM delay on mediafile play (MKV, MP4....)
    • small datetime converter fix
    • HdmiCec:
      - broadcast system standby instead of sending it only to the tv (fixes AVR's not turning off)
      - impelment basic volume punchthrough
      - add hack for not working CEC poweroff on strange TVs not provides a EDID when powered off
      - fixed possible lost cec commands on enigma2 shutdown
    • fixed possible crash on harddisk re-init, allow fsck for ext4 (thx to jophi)
    • re-read .cuts file during playback when needed (e.g. record stopped)
      dont overwrite .cuts file on record stop... just append event markers
      see more information
    • added US_ULTRA and US_JUMBO band to cablescan
    • add needed changes for current DVB-C tuner transponder search tools
    • fixed crash (TYPO) on mute press (delete) on end of textfield

    changelog E2 14.03.2014:

    • updated translations
    • added some audio/video type extensions

    Notice: Update from v4.0.x to 4.0.11 only possible by updating via console.


    • Added: Skin Evolution-HD by Kerni (thx)
    • Added: newnigma2.Kerni.PanTV-HD by Kerni (thx)
    • Added: Kerni.Gnome-HD by Kerni (thx)
    • Added: VideoDB V2.2 by Dr.Best (click here for more information) (thx)
    • Added: mediaportal
    • Added: swapmanager
    • Added: wget
    • Added: stat
    • Added: weathercomponent (needed for some skins)
    • Added: eventposition (needed for some skins)
    • Added: reftopiconname (needed for some skins)
    • Added: ledmanager (be carefully changed source="ButtonGreentext" to source="key_green") screen for skinner
    • Added: Black-Box.HD.ME (32bit skin)
    • Added: cryptsetup more information
    • Added: newnigma2-servicerestart: restart services via gui, like init.d, if telnet is not reachable screen for skinner
    • Added: free space check's before installing or upgrade packages
    • Added: min free flash space is 3mb for installing/upgrading some packages
    • Added: improve network connectivity check in newnigma2 installer
    • Added: new skin option: progress_pointer (since E2 14.02.2014 possible) screen for skinner
    • Added: readded extendedinfobar
    • Bugfix: Rebuild Picon handling/loading/caching (less memory consumption)
    • Bugfix: Newnigma2 Services fix getPNG cache failure (memoryleak)
    • Bugfix: Improved onlineinstaller cache handling (sometimes strange screen output)
    • Bugfix: neutrino keymap
    • Bugfix: newnigma2.Kerni.PanTV-HD icons
    • Bugfix: Caid Renderer didn't close and properly
    • Bugfix: for loading wrong or no newnigma2 service menu png's
    • Bugfix: loosing picon value in servicelist after using configsaver
    • Bugfix: for not shown all skins in nenwigma2 installer skin section, like tikila skins
    • Bugfix: prevent of loading skin_infobar_wetter.xml on other skins then "newnigma2-" skins
    • Bugfix: broken gui installer
    • Update: Some improvements on our onlineinstaller
    • Update: znc to version 1.4
    • Update: openvpn to version 2.3.4
    • Update: german translation
    • Update: mediaportal to version 5.3.2
    • Update: added weatherfunction only for newnigma2-HD inforbar
      (blue button -> newnigma2 services -> osd function -> weather infobar -> on)
    • Update: picon renderer. create piconSList dir for servicelist picons.
    • Update: IPTV-List-Updater
    • Removed: we have removed non working plugins. most of them are integrated in mediaportal.
    • Removed: keymanger plugin from image. It's still available from our feed.
    • here u can find USB to UART driver
    • here u can find DreamUP V1.3.3.11


    -stable-lean-dm800se-v4.0.11 -ramiMAHER#ssl84D
    Vu+ solo2 - Black Hole 2.1.7
    Dm 800 se -
    Dm 800 hd - BlackHole-2.1.7-Final-Light-OE2.0-dm800-sim2-ssl84d-Marwen

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