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Sujet : [Officielle] Dream Elite 4.0 001r005 all model

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    [Officielle] Dream Elite 4.0 001r005 all model

    <div style="text-align: center;">mily: Verdana">Dream Elite 4.0 001r005
    mily: Verdana">
    mily: Verdana">Very special thanks to Bobsilvio, for the tune-up on USB - DTT drivers OE 2.0

    New bootlogo
    New skin METRO (Thanks Spark and Mmark)
    New DTT panel
    New DTT drivers on dm7020HDV1-V2, DM800HDSEV2, DM500HDSEV2 and soon on all models
    (Thanks to Bobsilvio)
    New USB detection (customized USB is now recognized in all functions included channel list)
    New DEsetting function (autoupdate channel list, set and forget function)
    New Interactive button (automatically shows green button on interactive channel)
    New extra feed for non common packages requirements
    Enhanced Interactive Mosaics plugin (now with more providers)
    Enhanced compressed file installation
    Language fixes
    Dream Elite Manager v. 2.64
    All Dream-Multimedia updates as per Git
    Enigma2 specs :
    Kernel version 3.2.54
    Enigma2 version 20140219
    Drivers 20131228

    Dream-Elite 4R005 Metro Bootlogo

    Dream-Elite 4r005 Metro Skin Infobar

    Dream-Elite 4r005 Metro Skin Infobar Extended

    Dream-Elite 4r005 Metro Channel List

    Dream-Elite 4R005 DTT Panel

    Dream-Elite 4r005 Enhanced USB function

    DEsetting : Automatic download settingman

    DEsetting : Automatic download settingman setup

    Dream Elite 4r005 Plugins

    DreamElite 4r005 Player

    Dream-Elite 4r005 Info


    During image install, setting NO to default channel list, you will see a new window "Automatic Download Settingman", here you can choose your preferite settingman.
    DEsetting will provide to automatically update satellite channel list based on the settingman and antenna you selected,at every update available, even with you drembox in stand-by. Scanning terrestrial channels will be recorded and not changed by DEsetting.
    It's possible to select DEsetting later on in menu>setup>system>custom.

    Interactive Mosaic and Interactive button:
    Interactive Mosaic will allow you to select interactive windows, while on an interactive channel. This function is enabled by default.
    While on an interactive channel you will see a small round green icon in the right low corner, meaning you are on an interactive channel. Pressing green on remote control, interactive funcions are enabled, on the major providers.

    Custom USB:
    It's now possible to select custom usb to set picon 50x30 in channel list. If the memory is changed from /media/usb, it's mandatory to restart enigma2, also after setting-up paths in menu>setup>system>system paths>picon path and channel list>menu >channel list options>picon path

    Please note there will be only one version from now

    Downloads :

    Index of ./

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    Hello !!
    Only for
    mily: Verdana">dm7020HDV1-V2, DM800HDSEV2, DM500HDSEV2 and soon on all models
    exemple DM800HD Clone ?, DM500HD Clone ?
    thanks to you
    Plus de démo actuellement
    Boitier Android TV Full accès Full Sat FHD
    Un petit clic sur le bouton 'Thanks' fait toujours plaisir

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