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Sujet : SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition

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    mini_fleche_d_dr_001 SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition

    SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition
    New Settings Loader PluginWith this plugin you can download Settings Directly from major settings creators,like Morpheus,Cyrus without lost your Dtt channel listAdded possibility to install manual settings directly from zip/tar.gz/ipk fileMany thanks to Morpheus883 and for joined the project. Other settings makers are welcomeNew Lcn Scanner PluginTotally RewrittenReorder channels with national lcn listUse it after a standard dtt scan on enigma2 service searchingIf you enable "Italy" option lcn scanner will order your channel better with categories divisor,(if you want this option for other country just send a correct lcn xml file )New SifPanel SystemNow you can personalize your panel like you want.Just add or remove the parameters that you use often.New Software ManagerNow before installing plugin or skin,you can see a preview with some screenshootsNew Default Black Skin (see screenshoots)Autodetect usb dtt Drivers (see forum for the list)Autodetect usb wifi drivers (see forum for the list) Fixed rt2870 \ rt3070 \ rtl8187l \Added Sm*rgo Support
    vu + zero image VTI 9.0

    SRG LOCALident 23800

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