SifTeam Enigma2 Gecko Edition - Dm800 - Sim2.01 - Boot76D - 29/03/2011


09/03/2011 modified drivers
03/15/2011 image
bootloader ssl76d

New Charger Plugin Settings
- With this plugin you can download the settings directly from the creators main settings, such as Morpheus, Cyrus, without losing your list of channels Dtt
- Added the ability to install the manual settings directly zip / tar.gz file / ipk
- Thank you for Morpheus883 and joined the project. Other manufacturers settings are welcome

New scanner LCN Plugin
Rearrange-channels with the national list LCN
-Use it after a scan pattern of DTT in enigma2 search service
-If you enable "Italy" scanner option lcn its trading channel with crossover categories, (if you want this option to another country, please send an xml file correct LCN)

New System SifPanel
- Now you can customize your panel as you add or remove want.Just the parameters you use frequently.

New Software Manager
Now, before you install plugin or skin, you can see a preview with some screenshots

- Autodetect DTT USB Drivers (see forum for the list) Fixed win new mini stick

- Autodetect usb wifi rt2870 Fixed \ RT3070 \ RTL8187L \

- Added support SMARGO

default plugins
Tunisiasat addons manager
DVD player
Vlc player fixed mFaraj
gp2 flashbackup

- Second Infobar installed and configured

- List updated with satellite band c C2, C2 ku (aunt), Sky, Amazon and B4 all updated with day by tps in eslyneto

- List of Aunt separated bouquets (ja favorites and updated with new hds and 2 fat included) by eslyneto

- CCcam 2.2.1 already installed and configured (just put the data on your file server CCcam.cfg in / var / etc.)

- 1.3c installed CCcam info

- Plugin tunisia sat addons installed, and access icon in the menu plugins

- The keys to cccam uncle hd, Brazilian brunette tv and espn hd already entered the picture (if they use the espn uncomment the line in the file within the usr / keys and comment out the line of the Brazilian).

- Magnitude of the tuner already changed to 1100mw keys diseqc work even better in this configuration.

- Plugin auto volume already installed and configured (now his dream will remember the volume of the channels for you, so when you leave a channel and back again to that channel volume goes back to what it was before you change with it just the problem of having to tamper with the volume all the time because there are some high channels, others low, with this function this problem just because he remembers the volume of each individual q channel you watch.)

SUMMARY, this image is all ready to be used, the User need only place the data from the file server CCcam.cfg now has no use why not SifTeam, a bullet in speed, I hope you enjoy it.

Attention cette version est pour la dreambox 800 clone