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New Update

ItalySat 5.1 SVN 124

Italysat team advice to activate SWAP from panel

=============== Date: 22/02/2014, SVN 124============== **************** PUBBLIC RELEASE ************** -124- Added in Swap, 512mb and 1Gb Fix Mediabox that did not start (sometimes) Fix Gigablue Download Driver DVB-T Fix identification SVN and Distro Fix DVB-T and Wifi panel Remove module Update with last source OpenPLI Added Backup Manager for Dreambox (Automatic SSL or Accept personal SSL in "/tmp/secondstage.bin") Fix DVB-T Dreambox 800 Added Lcd Picon Oled for Dreambox CrossEpg: *New Alias *Changed channel for OpenTV (Discovery C.) *New M. Premium script Fix some Skin parts Changed Prime Time (Evento in prima serata) on Channellist to 21.15+ Fix Mediabox LX-1 Starting Update Italian Language tnx PappaalfioSpeedUp 2xOK New Spinner New Picon by mmark, tnx (maurib,Santi91 for Upscaling) Fix Crash on DVB-T scan

*source: 20140220 *drivers: 20130607 *bootloader: ssl84d *Add it_extra.url for Download Extra Addons *Plugins:TSpanel 7.3