mily: Verdana">Merlin-3-OE-2.0-dm800sev2-2015-10-25-ramiMAHER#ssl88a


mily: Verdana">enigma2
: by ramiMAHER

- BoxInfo: new type FanInfo
- EMIL: updates and bugfixes
-- RefToMovieName: follow changes for EMIL
- TagBouquetService: show tick immediately after adding the service
- PiconCleaner: fix indentation error reported by oldboke
- SecondInfoBarMe: fix typo in folder name
- ChannelSelection: fix the following crashes:
-- Plugins with own ChannelSelection
-- change tagBouquetServices config after using a plugin with its own ChannelSelection
- ChannelNumber: fix when enable multiple bouquets is set to No
- PiconMapper: fix possible crash
- Default-HD-grey.ME: adjustments for GraphMultiEPG
- GraphMultiEPG: add missing colour assignments
- SecondInfobarme: remove dot in folder name (this was quite likely the issue...

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