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    Flaser Metabox...


    Methode pour flasher un Méta

    lancer le loader eMetabox.exe et cliquer sur le bouton "SET"

    vous aurez la fenetre suivante

    cliquer sur sur "OPEN CODE DATA"

    selectionner le ficher "firmware" et cliquer sur "START SEND" et voila le compte commence
    attendre le démo redémarre


    Loading software into receiver
    Look at your receiver in front cover and see if it's eMetabox or eMetabox II
    Download the loader (eMetaBox NEW Downloading Program.exe) and the bin file
    (eMETABOX1 or depending on your receiver type)
    Connect the RS232 or serial port on the rear of receiver and PC with null modem cable.
    Powerup the PC and receiver
    Run the loader, set the com port (serial port) and click set. Then click "open code data" and point to the bin file

    and Start send.
    The transfer will begin and the receiver will be programmed and coundown from "d-30" to says "Good".
    Switch off and wait 5 seconds and switch on again.
    The menu will show with option to select Family or Personal and then the Language selection

    Setting up the Satellite
    Press button IIII on remote control for Main Menu and select Installation
    Select Satellite and press button IIII to select and Exit
    Do a muiltisearch and once channels are found
    Exit and save data.

    Adding new Satellite + Channels
    Goto and register to download software
    Login and ownload STB Wizard (20.6 Mb) or
    download STB Wizard manual (852 KB) or
    Read the manual
    Connect null modem cable to serial port of pc and metabox
    Power on PC and metabox receiver.
    Install STB Wizard and start program
    Click "auto STB detect"
    Click "Channel Editor" and click [Satcodx] tab
    Select region 1-9, click select the Satellite
    click "Refresh by Satellite" and the channels will show on bottom
    Right click on the selected Satellite to "edit Satellite".
    Click Set Antenna configuaration for LNB Type and Polarity
    Click Apply and OK
    Click button "Transfer to STB" or right click on Channels list and select "transfer Satellite + Channel"
    Code will be transfered and and wait for "countdown d-30 until Good" status on receiver
    Power off and on again.

    Method 1
    If only one channel appear in TV Channel List (button IIII), then select "transfer channels only" in channel
    editor (STB Wizard)
    Code will be transfered and status on receiver is "Good"
    Power off and on again.
    All Channels list will appear.
    The channels will be scrambled until the code or keys is entered.

    Method 2
    Once Satellite is selected, goto "Edit TP", then "Add TP"
    Select "Add TP" and create Frequency and Symbol rate
    Then select "TP Search" and "All". Channels will appear.
    Exit and save data.
    The channels will be scrambled until the code or keys is entered.
    Refer this website for details :
    Over-The-Air (OTA)
    You can upgrade Software Over-The-Air (OTA), change background pictures (in Video and Radio mode),
    audio for Radio mode
    There are 4 options to select :

    1. Main code (This is for downloading software from Hot-bird)
    2. Background image (This is for changing backgrounds for Video TV & Radio)
    3. Background image
    4. Background image
    When select options 2,3 or 4, then there will be more 3 options (Video-Audio-Cancel)
    select your option, press OK, Yes and wait (Do not power off the receiver at this time)
    Wait for a few minutes and new data will be downloaded automatically and installed.
    Receiver will restart automatically, otherwise switch off and on again.
    eMetabox will upgrade all data automatically from remote, power off reciever with remote and then look on front panel of the receiver you will see "UPGRADE" 2 times then receiver will switch off. The codes will be upgraded while in standby mode.
    Now switch on from remote and all codes will be active.
    How to update key code
    Go into CODE EDIT mode on the Menu
    Select CAS with color button or ress 1 for Sky-Crypt or ress 2 for Conax
    Find Provider ID
    Find Index#
    Edit Key code with remote control
    Then save, reset STB
    Check updated $ Channel open
    Note: when key code updated, please edit Key code. (no ADD)
    Autoupdate (AU)
    For the code to auto-update,
    1) Switch off receiver and on again on a FTA channel. Wait for some time and check codes in code menu.
    2) If no new codes updated, then go to OTA and run Search and check System Info then it will be updated automatically
    The autoupdate feature will only work with some providers and can be disabled at any point of time.
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    comment savoir si mon démo aston ets métabox ou métabox2?!!!!
    j'ais fait les étapes comme présenté!
    a la fin mon démo m'écrit le mot " GOOD"
    mais ça marche pas!!!!
    alors l'opération est elle bien faite ou non?

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