Voici un utilitaire pour installer quelques emus qui semblent fonctionner en au mais que pour les derniéres dreambox,lire le fichier txt joint.
Merci de tester et de laisser votre avis.

Installs scam,cccam or mgcamd on your dreambox with OE-Image.
You need:
- A dream box with Open-Embedded Image (dm600pvr, dm7020, dm7025 , dm500+ - Use an original one!!) You can download it by the tool.
- Your Computer
- Network Connection
Enter User Name (root), Password (BLANK or dreambox)
Select your Computer IP (if the shown IP is not yours select the right one!)
Select your BoxIP (if you don't know try the search button' - but remember it only works on a router/switch)
Select the camd to install
Just press installation button and wait for reboot.
Go to pay tv channel and wait for AU.
To change the language select your langugage file. This tool is delivered with german,english,spanish and french language file.
If you like to create your own file feel free to do so.
Just edit the entries between the <button1> </button1> and so on
Never change the items in <> this will crash the programm!
Have a look at german.xml,english.xml,french.xml,spanish.xml and turkish.xml located in the installation directory.
Since ver. 0.5 PolSat AU is included in the key file.
Since ver. 0.5 AU-Keys Sat and Cable Premiere are included
Since ver. 0.6 Langugage support added
Since ver. 0.8 If key files already exist they are not longer replaced/updated
Since ver. 0.9 Possibility to download an OE-Image that works with SCAM-installer
Since ver. 1.0 SCAM 3.28 included
Since ver. 1.1 ROMS for POLSAT-AU included.
Since ver. 1.2 Spanish language, updatet keyfiles - see below station list! User is asked to replace key files.
Since ver. 1.3 Turkish language added, switch for Install Monitor added.
Since ver. 1.4 SCAM 3.29 included - Irdeto2 key file included (have a look at MCT ;) ) - tps au fixed, New Images to download - CVS from 2008-02-08
Since ver. 1.5 Mgcamd 1.29 - Installer added, SCAM 329a added - Renamed to Dreamboxemu
Since ver. 1.6 internal fixes
Since ver. 1.7 DM800 supported
Since ver. 1.8 Hungarian language support, mgcamd 1.30 included with dm800 autodetect
Since ver. 1.9 mgcamd 1.30a included with fix for 0503 keys and no more need to copy 0501 to 0503, mgcamd uses automaticly 0501 when 0503 is needed.
Since ver. 1.10 mgcamd 1.30d included TPS-AU AutoPid fix
Since ver. 2.0 cccam 2.0.9 included, DM8000 support

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