Update PC-Tool EITitor 1.6.0

Here is the latest version of EITitor.

- Windows System
-. NET Framework 3.5

So far implemntierte functions:
+ supported file types
- eit-Files (Enigma 1 Enigma 2, Enigma2-HD)
- ****-file (Enigma 1 Enigma 2)
- xml files (Neutrino)

+ Features
- create, edit o.g. File Types
- manual or automatic data synchronization between the different types
- View, create and activate the recordings.epl (Enigma 1)
- FTP client to transfer data from / to the / the box
- Multiple FTP profiles possible

- Delete films via ftp (*. ts, *. ts.****, *. eit, *. xml!)
- Watch movies with vlc (must be under C: to be installed \ Program Files \ VideoLAN \ VLC (note spelling)!!
- Import and export of xml lamedb (station name in the ****-files)
- character set coding of the ftp server selected

+ Fixes
- Code optimized
- Multi-Language Interface [Beta]
- previously reported bugs were fixed.

Please see the new multi-language interface test. The automatic selection funzt not always, but language can be adjusted. The translations are not 100% ready. Please test and feedback. (German - 100% English - 80%, French - 10%)
Once I do that, I will provide the complete Translation.txt here.

Edit 31.10.10
program do not close when minimized in the task tray

Thx to LukaNoah