Support for DUO Card on the theta,

Support for DUO Card on the theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu and nu softwares

Update using a pendrive:

1) rename the DuoAPPv18.duo file to duoAPP.duo
2) copy the duoAPP.Duo file into a pendrive on root directory.
3) insert the pendrive in the receiver
4) on the receiver, select update DUO Card and wait

your card is already updated!

Update using a PC and a phoenix interface:

1- copy the DUOAPPv18 and the DuoAppLoader files in your PC.
2- Select the apropiate com port for you PHOENIX adapter.
3- Select the apropiate firmware
4- push "connect"

le support de la carte vien d etre intégrer pour un fonctionnement optimal via les déocodeur de la team