I have a screencasting program; its name is total screen recorder gold. I am a game lover and I like using it to record the games then I update to youtube.com. I recently like playing a game which name is Chinese chess soul ; it is an ancient game of intelligence. I often play it with my families.
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I often choose the region which is full screen because I like playing games with a full screen. In fact this software can allow us to select any region where we want to recorder: random region, specified window, full screen, fix size and fixed region.
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I often use one feature of screen recorder software, which it could set the start time by myself. When I set the time, the software will default a full screen recording.
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You know I can’t set the time very accurately. So sometimes the screen recorder software starts to record but I don’t start to play. Facing with this situation, I quickly enter the “Shift+ F4”. This is a hotkey. I think it is a nice feature by starting and stopping the software .
This software can put out four formats but I found out the avi format is the highest quality. But the flv formal is the smallest size in my experience.
For this software, my favorite is that I can record screen and audio at the same time, I remember my father teaching me how to play Chinese chess soul and when we play chess, he tells me why he moves the chess in there. So I let my father use the microphone when he explains it for me.
This is my experience for using total screen recorder gold to record Chinese chess soul. I want to share with everyone by using the word and picture not the video.
I hope every one like my article.