Hi, I am looking for serious peers. Look at my dist1 cards in the following link (many of my peers say this is better than a local server):


- I have NO local cards, only virtual. Normally, more than 170-180 in dist1, with a strong and effective ignore list.

- Almost all of them in Astra being the most of D+ Spain. I can see FULL D+ and from time to time I can see taquillas, specially the weekends; and football matches of La Liga. C+ La Liga channel also included.

- I have also D+ Hispasat (HD), Premiere, Arena, C+ France, C+ NL, Vlaanderen, Cyfra, JSC Sport, Nova, Dorcel, Redlight in dist1.

- I am 24 hours connected and I want my peers to be 24 hours too.

Do we change dlines?


PS. If you see me OFF, please, send me immediately a private message.