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    Icon2 D+ N3 Premium pack (all channels) w/ C+Liga - 19.2E/30.0ºW

    Hi there, I'm running an Ubuntu 10.10 Server w/ Frame Relay link (low latency).
    Version: Mbox 0.4 r23 (4th upload)
    Localcard: D+ N3 Premium pack (all channels) w/ C+Liga included
    Provs: [email protected] // [email protected] (I share both provs for compatibility with all configs but if level stealing is catched @ 1801 I leave 1810 only, prior to advice of course, so please, be aware of those peers)
    Sat: Astra 19.2ºE // Hispasat 30.0W
    Max level: A2 A2


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    Please, ONLY Astra 19.2ºE Providers.

    Thank you!

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    Centro de Información

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    Nov 2010
    Berlin, Germany

    mp envoyé
    DREAMBOX DM800HD @ actuel (24.04.2011) gbox 2.2A (svn792)
    COOLSTREAM ZEE @ actuel (24.04.2011) gbox 2.2A (svn792)

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