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    Icon10 very good virtual line to exchange - I need local total tv on 16E

    I have virtual dline
    I have 203 peers

    online peers 178

    D1 = 65+
    D2 = 700

    no one fake cards

    I need local total tv on 16 W or any peer have local total on D1

    I need only 47 peers in gbox v 2.1B


    My dline start by masrawysat

    Dernière édition par masrawysat; 20-08-2011 à 23:24

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    i would like me share with friends that have local, i have local and i am a serious person.

    you send me a private message and we will share.

    please, only good peers with local card, i do not want to peers with gbox 2.1C or 2.70

    thanks friends !!!

    D: { { xxxx 3000 { 28ACB473 { A3 A3 }}}}

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