HI guys

So I'm playing Zelda a Link To The Past and the cat stepped on my laptop and got a bunch of my keys. now when play zelda I don't have pegasus boots anymore. There are listed in my inventory, but when I press the key link looks like he is gliding (it slower than when we walk) when he moves from left to right and its not faster. I can't run fast into rocks etc which in some cases gives you valuable treasure and helps you with rock piles.

Also just a note of caution I am fairly new at emulators and gaming so please use detailed instructions.

Also here is some info on my specs
I have the nintendo snes9x emulator (it worked the best on my laptop)
(there for the Zelda is also a SNES rom game)

Thanks so much! I hope you can help!


r4 ds
acekard 2i
nintendo ds r4