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    Icon7 CSAT SKYDe D+ ... CardProxy Clustered Cache - who wants to join?


    let's start from here. Since everyone is talking about it, and noone does it ;-)

    Who wants to talk about Clustered Cache ?
    Let's build a community and hook all the people together with Clustered cache.

    So who wants to join me ?

    instead of keeping all cached ECM/CW pairs only in your servers local cache you can also send it to other cardservproxys. Now when two autonomously working servers have the same smartcard they can exchange their caches to support each other and relieve their smartcards.

    There are many situations where still requests for the same channel are made twice. Best is to have a look at README.ClusteredCache.txt . It's all described there.

    I have made a little scheme to show you how it works in my opinion:

    I don't know if it really makes sense to put as many csps as possible to one big clustered Cache. It would produce a lot of traffic and each server would receive every ECM/CW pair made on any of the csps in the clustered cache. That would blow up every local cache with unused ECM/CW pairs.

    first of all the udp protocol is used.
    2nd the traffic generated is really low, we are talking about 1kbyte per second with those 3 servers.
    3rd in my opinion needs to be tested. CSP has so many possibilities that this definately needs further investigation.
    4th i get sky uk from the cache, and from there on, i do not have any more freezers on the sky uk channels whereas before i had a few.

    1. all choose a port to forward for your cache , for example 30000
    2. you forward this port in UDP to your CSP Server
    3. in proxy xml you delete this :

    <cache-handler class="com.bowman.cardserv.DefaultCache">

    4. and put this:

    <cache-handler class="com.bowman.cardserv.ClusteredCache">
    <local-host>YOUR IP</local-host>
    <local-port>YOUR PORT THAT YOU FORWARD</local-port>
    <tracker-url>file:///root/proxy/cluster</tracker-url> <!-- CREATE AN EMPTY FILE CALLED CLUSTER IN ROOT/PROXY/ OR ANY OTHER LOCATION , JUST SPECIFY IT HERE -->

    5. in that File , you put first YOUR-IP:YOUR-PORT
    6. in the snd line in that file you put your peers DNS:HISPORT
    7. save it and put it to 755
    8. restart CSP Proxy

    to check if it works , go to Status page and you should see Cache-Handler: com.bowman.cardserv.ClusteredCache
    click on it and it opens up.

    That's all folks

    Happy sharing
    dreambox 500s/CCcam 2.1.3

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    Oct 2007
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    oui interressant pourrais tu nous developper

    le sujet !!

    pour s amuser

    le forum est la!la!la pour répondre a vos questions

    tout le monde bénéficie de votre expérience en plus

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    salut cest cool ce partage d'info sa vaux de l'or merci mon pote longues vie a toi @+

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