Hello my friends.
I would like to exchange with other friends all over the Europe and Africa North too.
I have Portugal sat...and i like to exchange with French Sat,English Sat,Spanish sat and...xxx sat!
My status is next,but every week i make cleans and adds to make a perfect,strong and pure Gline:
Dist 1: 1
Dist 2: 108
Dist 3: 255
Dist 4: 134
Dist 5: 0
Level 0: 284
Level 1: 158
Level 2: 56
Level 3: 0
Level 4: 0
Level 5: 0
No Local...but excelent blues and some greens.
I am 24/7/365 days.No stop..really!
I have HD and SD Multisatellite.

So understand if you not are 24/7/365 too,you never can wait a Mbox exchange with power and quality.
So no waiting stay with me my friend, in grey condition...more than 3 days!
In other words...you never entered in Mbox with anybody if your status is online when you want in your mind only!
Good share to everyone.
I waiting you PM.