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    Icon2 E2istream plugin

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    E2iStream (previously E2iPlayer by samsamsam)
    Developer: Codermik

    -== Information ==

    -The addon is a continuation of the hard work of samsamsam and j00zek, mamrot, MarcinO, skalita, atilaks, huball, matzg, tomashj291 and a4tech on the original E2iPlayer plugin. The public version of the E2iPlayer plugin is no longer maintained by the original developer.All support for E2iStream will be provided via this Facebook page only and the email address provided should only be used for alternative contact.This plugin relies on the structure of a given website (i.e. Yifi, Putlocker etc.) to remain unchanged; in the event that a website changes it will break the parsing code of the plugin
    - please report any broken hosts.

    == The Legal & Technical Bits ==

    -The developer ("Codermik") of the E2iStream plugin is not and will not be liable for damages resulting from the use of the E2iStream plugin irrespective of how these damages arose and what they relate to. Furthermore the developer is not responsible for improper or illegal use of the E2iStream plugin, including viewing or downloading of video materials using the E2iStream plugin.
    The E2iStream plugin parses website data supplied and hosted by third party companies, the developer does not supply such video content. The plugin is a website parse framework to obtain video images, descriptions and links so that they can be enjoyed.

    Installation by telnet

    IMPORTANT: Uninstall the previous E2iPlayer first and reboot box before installing E2iStream. Once you install E2iStream, reboot the box before first opening.

    ================================================== ================================================== ===========

    E2iStream 2019.06.06-r01

    - Added Hungarian hosts: Filmezz, Moovie and Mozicsillag
    - Added Latino hosts: MrPiracy (please test and give feedback)
    - Added Greek hosts: gamato, cosmos, oipeirates, tainieskaiseires and xrysoise
    - Added Balkin hosts: andrijaiandjelka and pregledajnet
    - fix DailyMotion and Sport365 services
    - WatchSeries has been fixed but the domain is blocked in the UK. For those who are blocked you need to press on the Blue button while in WatchSeries and then select Configure Host. Turn on "Use Web Proxy Gateway" to always.
    - Added this information host so you know whats new
    - Sport365 is a sponsored service which you need to watch the occasional advert(s) - the hint is in the message when you open it (present when SSS was supporting this plugin)

    Known and outstanding issues:

    - 123Movies search is not working, Ive disabled search for now.
    - WebCamera.pl fails to show camera feeds.
    - Sport365 stops after 5 mins - read the messagebox and watch some online adverts!!
    - Please avoid reporting missing hosts - they are "missing" for a reason.


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    Aug 2011
    vu solo pro v1
    samsung smartv

    Icon2 3 MARS 2022

    HELLO a tous pour ceux qui aime E2IPLAYER OU IPTVPLAYER avec vstream Dans TSIPLAYER
    j ai enfin trouvé une mise a jour recente du 3 MARS 2022
    pour les derniers firmwares en python3

    voici la commande telnet qui s occupe de tout
    wget -q "--no-check-certificate" http://ipkinstall.ath.cx/ipk-install/E2IPLAYER+TSIPLAYER-PYTHON3/installer.sh -O - | /bin/sh

    en version python2

    wget -q "--no-check-certificate" http://ipkinstall.ath.cx/.../E2IPLAYER.../installer.sh -O - | /bin/sh

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