Aide flash dreambox 800 hd clone
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    Feb 2008
    dm 800 hd

    flash dreambox 800 hd clone

    bonjour, je voudrais flasher ma dreambox 800 hd clone. j'ai bien téléchargé le fichier nfi et j'arrive bien sur la page pour le flasher mais rien ne se passe j'ai windows 7 64 bi et j'ai esaye avec tous les navigateurs t merci de m'aider cordialement.
    j'arrive sur cette page
    If you see this, your box didn't boot to Linux.
    Unless you interrupted the boot process, this usually means that you have no valid operating system in flash.
    Don't panic! It's not a problem. You can just flash a new version and everything will be fine!
    Otherwise, you can boot from network or USB.
    If you're about to give up, you might get help at the Dream Multimedia Support board!
    Currently there aren't many other features...

    You can download your current flash contents (64 MB) here, but please don't expect to be able to flash it back. It's merely a debugging feature.
    This device's Serial Number is 14400, and was built on 2008/06/17.

    Booloader version: Dreambox Second Stage Loader BUILD #72, built 20090303

    device info firmware upgrade

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    Aug 2011
    1 061
    dreambox 800hd se
    lg 42la620s
    il faut que tu clic sur firmware upgrade que tu aille cherché ton image et flash ensuite reboot.
    vu+ zéro - bh 2.1.7 - CCcam 2.1.3 - dans le salon

    DM800 Hd se wifi openpli 4.0 oscam dans la chambre

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