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    Gigant Image Multiboot for VU+ Duo by Webkurier 08.01.2011


    Gigant Image Multiboot for VU+ Duo by Webkurier 08.01.2011

    The best of BH, VTI, and Gemini 
    Based on Black Hole 1.4.2 image
    * Enigma: 08.01.2011
    * Drivers: 21.12.2010

    * Skins:
    - Factory5P by Matrix10
    - DMConcinnity HD Transparent by Kerni
    - HD Glass 14 by Shamann
    - HD Gradient (default)
    * Plugins:
    # Black Hole BluePanel - addons, softcam manager
    # GeminiProject3 BluePanel - addons, softcam manager (nowa wersja 0.19-r1)
    # Gigant Panel - uruchamianie skryptów, backup, k*y updater, itp. (nowa wersja 08.01.11)
    # VTI Panel - addons, softcam manager (nowa wersja 2.3)
    # Easy Media - panel multimedialny
    # DMNapi - pobiera z netu polskie napisy w formacie txt, konwertuje do src i wyświetla je na filmach
    # Ultime Notizie - czytnik polskich stron RSS + program TV (Interia, Telemagazyn)
    # RSS Reader - czytnik rss gemini (dodano polskie kanały)
    # BH EPG - Rytec Epg na 7 dni dla wszystkich kanałów polskich i zagranicznych
    # Dreamnetcast - radio internetowe z możliwością nagrywania na dysk (ponad 300 polskich stacji, nowa aktualna lista)
    # Weather Plugin - prognoza pogody dla wszystkich miast w Polsce i w Europie z serwera Google
    # Weather - prognoza pogody dla wszystkich miast w Polsce i w Europie z serwera The Weather Channel
    # Kamery internetowe gemini (nowa lista)
    # Aspect Ratio Switch - przełącznik proporcji obrazu
    # CCCam info + Prio maker - menadżer cccam
    # Multi Quickbutton gemini - programowanie przycisków pilota
    # MyTube - filmy z internetu
    # Meoboot - do uruchamiania innych images w multiboot
    ... And other feed available online from the BH, Nabilo, VTI and Gemini
    Functions of the buttons on the remote control:
    Blue - Blue Panel BH
    Blue long - Extensions
    Yellow - RSS Reader
    Yellow long - Weather Forecast
    Green - A list of plugins + BH feed
    Green long - list of plugins + feed VTI
    Red - Gemini GP3 BluePanel
    Red long - VTI Panel
    EPG - Current Event (Event view)
    EPG long - Cool TV Guide
    TEXT - videotext
    TEXT long - subkanały (subservices)
    Long RADIO - Dreamnetcast webradio
    STOP - switching formats, 4:3 / 16:9
    ================================================== =========================
    Warning! Image does not include keys or emulators!
    Some plug-ins and skins were processed for the use of the image.
    Full support only in the image in Flash installed.
    ================================================== =========================
    When you first start to put the usb memory stick, turn on the Devices Manager (2 x blue) and mount the drive as / media / hdd and flash drive as a media / usb.
    Then run meoboot and install it in / media / usb.
    W / media / usb Picon create a directory, and directory spinner - spinner.tar.gz copy archive to / tmp and install the giant panel.
    Each time you update plugins gemini run in the giant patch panel, which will restore the default settings.
    Gracias a Webkurier
    Dernière édition par deuxcase0; 16-01-2011 à 18:46
    VU+ Duo2: BlackHole-3.0.4 - OScam - HDD 750Go - USB 2Go
    VU+ Duo: BlackHole-2.1.7 - OScam - HDD 160Go - USB 2Go

    PrismCube Ruby: Off Stable version 2.0.6 - OScam - HDD 500Go
    TV: Samsung UE55H6400

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