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Sujet : Fin du tps.bin

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    Icon9 Fin du tps.bin

    mauvaise nouvelle ,fin du tps.bin :

    du posteur du tps.bin :



    Sorry, I'm not interesting at all into watching TV. For me, this hobby is just an intellectual game (like puzzles).

    Understanding how things work is my own aim.

    I must admit that I've made a big mistake: I've naively published the daily TPS.bin file until now. Letting people think that I MUST do it every day.

    I think I'll add another rule for my own. Like the rule "Don't feed the troll", I should say : "Don't feed free-TV'ers. They might bite you one day".

    I've been insulted, IP banned (funny - you can post pay-tv pirating tools, spams, viruses, and so on ... on upload centers, but not puzzles), harassed because I didn't post the file earlier in the day, ...

    OK, enough is enough: I give up.

    So, please go and find another "TPS.bin supplier"; to complain about him and to harass, if he doesn't act as you think he'd had to.

    As I dislike complete negative posts, here are a few infos concerning the way to get these data.

    There are 2 main methods.

    First method (my own one):
    One can analyze the daily Open-TV code and decrypt the needed data (i.e. keyset+algo3 functions), by full emulation or by program. This OTV code changes every day; furthermore one or several new internal functions (i.e. specific to the TPS firmware) are generally called each day, or each couple of days.

    For instance, for today:
    -a first 256 bytes key buffer is built (as usual with the recent OTV concerned decrypt function).
    -a call is made to the internal function 000A (get data resource ?): with one fixed parameter, and an OTV-computed one.
    -this function returns a pointer to the targeted data resource.
    -use a part of these data (256 bytes too; the offset is also computed at the OTV level) to xor with the first 256 bytes key buffer.
    -it gives you a final 256 bytes key buffer, corresponding to 16 RC6 keys.
    -finally, decrypt the [keyset+algo3 functions] data, using these 16 RC6 keys.

    Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it ? Not to me.

    Second method:
    Dump an official TPS receiver, to get the data in clear. It has already been done in the past, it's rather simple for any proficient person. I just can't figure why it hasn't been done this time.

    In fact, there is a third method. It seems that the daily [keyset+algo3 functions] data are posted daily for cristor receivers (they are probably using the simple second method). So, you can also try to decrypt their encrypted data.

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    Oh la la!!! il a vraiment les boules le mec, il en a vraiment marre.

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    May 2008
    Vu+ Duo
    c'est pas grave, depuis hier les fichiers v_tps.bin ont fait leur apparition (a utiliser avec le dernier Vplug) et ca marche 100%

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    Merci Por Le Tuyaux§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

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    Avatar de donjuan
    Apr 2008
    NON les Amis......ce sujet avait déja fait le tour du Net......mais ce n'est qu'un Howax......le plus drôle dans cette histoire c'est que ce n'est pas une seule personne qui fait extraire les BIN et puis alors, depuis déja l'apparition de cet Howax, les BIN continuaient à tomber plusieurs en un seul jour, et de plus de ça le DAT du Team K.Y.N.G ( jamais vu nul par ailleurs )....donc faut pas s'alarmer et continuer à profiter de vos fichiers journaliers qu'on vous donne sur le forum.

    Bientôt sur ce forum vous aurez la ROM exploitable de la V9 et V10, laissez le temps au temps ( les orages passent mais ne font plus craindre )

    Sur ce Bonne soirée.

    @+++donjuan de LDDS

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