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    Aug 2012
    Gigablue hd800

    Gigablue Quad – Le terminal E2 1,3 ghz, gigabit, quadruple Tuner !

    Petite présentation du Gigablue Quad...

    Ce terminal est donc quadruple Tuner ( 2 tuners sat fixe + 2 en options ), processeur 1,3 ghz, et réseau gigabit sont ses principales caractéristiques.

    Son prix est de 399 € en double Tuner sat, et 429€/458€ avec 1/2 tuner(s) cable/tnt en plus.

    *Nouveau prix : 249 € !

    Pour l’image, il existe une image open source « openmips » basé sur OE2 (OE-CORE/Pli 3.0…) qui provient de l’association de plusieurs teams (openAAF , openViX , openMips , Egami Team , Team Red, odin-support , xtrend-support, Technomate, , HDF-Team ). Ces teams développeront indépendamment leurs images pour ce terminal aussi.

    Je post donc les infos/photos/vidéos que j’ai récupéré sur le forum de gigablue, world of sat’ et sites marchands.

    Le Gigablue Quad :

    La notice (en allemand)

    Caractéristiques techniques :

    Brand new HD receiver sets new standards The Gigablue Quad - execution leaves nothing to be desired. 2 built-in DVB-S2 tuners allow an independent twin use. About two more tuner slots offer the possibility of the receiver to expand any DVB-T or DVB-C2 and combine. The strong processor offers the viewer a high resolution pictures and a never experienced rapid change-over time. A further special Characteristic of the GIGABLUE QUAD is the linking of TV and the Internet
    Special features:
    • Multi media archive for video and audio over network
    • LCD Display ( coloured)
    • EPG up to 14 days
    • HDMI CEC control
    • PiP (Picture in picture)
    • Integrated UPnP Server /-clinet function
    • Web Browser
    • Netzwerk-Interface Streaming-function
    • Plugin service (extensions)
    • Software update via network
    • Settings over Pluginservice
    • UFScontrol - Plugin for Iphone and Android Smartphones
    • IP TV, IP Radio
    • 2 x DVB-S/S2 und 2 x Plug&Play Tuner Modul Socket
    • Integrated HDTV twin tuner for satellite reception
    • 2 x Plug & Play Hybrid Tuner Optional
    • Record up to 4 HDTV programs and an other HD look show.
    • Reception of free and PAY TV channels (2 CI-Schnittstellen and 1 Cardreader)
    • HDTV PVR with e-SATA or USB, Multimedia Archive for image, video and music files
    • Timeshift ( time shifting)
    • Timer-Records (Once, daily, weekly, etc.)
    • EPG function, EPG search, picture in picture, EPG, timer, Favorites
    • OSD in many languages, DISEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, Unicable, Usuals
    • Playback of multimedia files such as MP3, JPEGs and videos in HD quality
    • Electronic Program Guide(EPG)
    • Connectivity to external devices, such as e.g. a digital camera, external hard drive, and much more. (3xUSB, LAN)
    • Optical output for crystal-clear cinema sound
    • Processor / Mhz Mipsel / 1300 Mhz
    • Linux Kernel Kernel 3.x.x
    • DDRSDRAM / Flash DDR3 1024MB / 512MB NAND
    • Front Panel
    • LCD LCD Display 2inch Color
    • Frontkeys 8 Buttons
    • CI Slot 2 x CI
    • Card Reader 1x Cardreader
    • USB 1x USB
    • Rear Panel
    • Tuner DVB-S/S2 Twin input
    • Optional Tuner
    • 2 x Plug in Play DVB-C/T(Option)
    • HDMI 1 x HDMI
    • USB 2 x USB
    • S/PDIF 1 x Optical
    • 3x2 RCA
    • Component, Composite, L, R
    • Ethernet Ethernet 100/1000 MBit
    • RS-232 RS-232
    • Power Jack And
    • Power Switch 1 Switch
    • Internal
    • Accessories
    • Remotcontrol
    • Gigablue Remotcontrol
    • Remotcontrol + Keyboard (Optional)
    • GigaBlue myth RCU Universal Keyboard
    • Tuner (Optional)
    • Hybrid (DVB-C / DVB-T
    Les photos :

    Beaucoup de photos ne le mette hélas pas en valeur, j’ai l’impression aussi que coté plastique c’est un peu cheap… Noter le changement de couleur selon le flash de l’appareil.

    Les vidéos :

    Zapping des chaines FTA astra

    IGU / session internet :

    IGU encore une fois

    Reboot E2

    Boot + mal de tête

    PIP en hd

    Téléchargement OpenMips :

    Les images se téléchargent ici

    Infos sur l'OE-Alliance

    1. Information about the future of openViX. What is OE-Alliance?
    OpenVix and openAAF had the idea to create a common build environment for the new OE-CORE and work together to optimize this environment.
    Explanation: OE-CORE is a build environment by Openembedded, Dream multimedia calls it OE 2.0, openPli calls it Pli 3.0 
    All teams are using almost the identical build environment, so why not creating something together? The answer is the OE-Alliance.
    Since we have a name now, we created a GIT repository quickly and the integration can be started.
    The OE-Alliance is the base for each team, which is interested in building an OE-CORE image. We have discussed this already with several teams and they quickly agreed to work together.
    We think that our new companionship should be visualized, so we created a logo. We call it the Seal.
    The seal contains one golden star for each team which is part of the OE-Alliance. As you see we currently have 9 stars, representing the following teams: (20.08.2012)
    openAAF , openViX , openMips , Egami Team , Team Red, odin-support , xtrend-support, Technomate, , HDF-Team
    Because the OE-Alliance is the build environment, each team will continue to provide his own team image. As you know each team maintains his own Enigma and his own skin, which makes the difference of each single team image.
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    Aug 2012
    Gigablue hd800
    Je remonte car le terminal est sorti depuis un petit moment et son prix est devenu très abordable. 249 € chez satshop en double tuner sat.

    Je vous invite à regarder la review de linux TV

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