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    Nov 2007

    Viaccess annonce le lancement d'une nouvelle Carte: la PRAHA

    Forte de 15 années d'expérience, la société Viaccess, filiale de France Telecom, a annoncé la sortie d'une nouvelle carte appelée PRAHA (PRoactive Against Hacker Attack), suivant ainsi sa stratégie de fournir a ses clients une nouvelle carte tous les 24 mois et rester ainsi un pas en avant contre la piraterie.

    En terme de sécurité, elle inclut de nouvelles fonctionalités de sécurité proactive pour lutter contre le partage de cartes (les Dreambox et autres sont visés par cette lutte) et fournit des contres mesures.
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    The Praha card is a new generation of proactive and intelligent smart card where security is leveraged into a new era

    Amsterdam- Viaccess, a France Telecom company and the European leader in conditional access, just announced at the IBC forum the introduction of the PRAHA card. This smart card is the living proof of Viaccess’ commitment in the fight against hackers : Viaccess’ strategy is to supply its customers with a new card every 24 months to remain a step ahead of piracy.

    The PRAHA card (Proactive Against Hacker Attacks) is a state of the art security design inheriting from Viaccess’ 15 years of experience in piracy management. The PRAHA card ensures an optimal compatibility with the existing set top boxes in order to facilitate the deployment and the operations by customers.

    In terms of security, it includes new proactive security features to fight against card sharing and provides countermeasures. For our customers, the PRAHA card is definitely the right option to upgrade to the highest security level now available. The benefits are multiple:

    • State of the art security as the card is proactive against card sharing and enables hacker attack analysis and automatic sanctioning
    • Latest chipset generation

    The availability of the PRAHA card is the result of the extensive research undertaken by our R&D department and of our commitment against piracy,” explains François Moreau de Saint Martin, Viaccess CEO. “We are in a growing, competitive market undergoing profound changes and we believe the introduction of the PRAHA card will ultimately enforce our customers’ business.

    Viaccess will display its solutions and demonstrations at the IBC show on booth 151, Hall 1.

    About Viaccess:
    Viaccess S.A., delivers solutions for digital pay television and secured content distribution. Its mission is the development, production and marketing of Conditional Access and DRM-based systems for all types of contents and services, for every kind of broadcast (satellite, cable, terrestrial, MMDS) and broadband networks, fixed (DSL) and mobile. Viaccess has been successfully deployed in 30 countries world-wide, on more than 80 digital platforms including multi-channel providers and digital content distributors. Viaccess is European Leader for IPTV protection (MRG IPTV Market Leader Report, March 2006 & September 2007). For more information : Viaccess : the European Leader in secured distribution of digital media content

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