My local card: Csat FULL HD + Cyfrowy Polsat on 13B/13C HD at 13.0°E
my server: Vu + solo 2
location: Europe
ping response very good
my conditions:
- I offer a real card (you can see from ECM time response ), so I want a real one too:
- no local - no share – no answer
- no info about local card (provider, CAID) - no answer
- please send your email for further contact

- no pay servers or fake cards accepted; for me it’s just a hobby; peers with high ECMs traffic will be will be deleted
- connections from different IPs/locations are not allowed (F line locked on server DNS)
- only serious peers with high stability servers
- fakers will be reported
- from time to time I check my server for fake cards;
- 5 days offline (without a notify) – delete ( I expect the same from you)