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    Icon14 Multics Manager v4.0 windows

    Hi everybody,
    I've coded a manager for Multics.
    I hope that you enjoy it because I worked hard all night to release it.

    What is Multics Manager?
    Multics Manager is like it name says: a manager for Multics. With it you can manage your multics.
    For now it is only the first version and if you are interrested I'll continue to develop it and add new features.

    For now with Multics Manager you can:

    1. See real time stats from your CCcam peers
    2. Automatic Deactivate / Edit offline servers
    3. Automatic Deactivate offline Cache
    4. Manage deactivated lines. So you can reactivate them, delete them from the config, save the list to a text file.

    Tested with multics r74 & r75. Should work with r70 to r77.
    You must have installed .net framework 4.5.1.

    It is not yet a complet Manager. It's only a first version to see if anyone is interested. I have lot of idea for next releases.
    For next release I'll add:

    1. Newcamd, Mgcamd, cache peers real time stats
    2. Add server and peers for CCcam, newcamd, Mgcamd
    3. Language selector
    4. multics.cfg Analyser

    And if your have ideas tell me I'll add them for next release.
    Now I can go sleep

    [Update v2.0]:
    -Added restarting of Multics
    -Added peers real time stats for NewCamD, MgCamD and Cache
    -Added Servers real time stats
    -Added function to add current DCW from a CCcam peers to BAD DCW list
    -Added multics.cfg editor
    -Added function to search and delete duplicated Cache Peer lines

    Todo for next release:
    -Add a language selector
    -Connexion to multiple Multics at once
    -Multics configuration analyser and corrector
    -Simple function to add peers, servers, cache,...
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    Feb 2011
    amiko alien1
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