J'avais une config qui fonctione, et maintenant plus rien...
Faut t'il ajouter toute les keys ?
Comment forcer la carte local a prendre le dessus a la place du CCCAM?

Voici ma config

Unix starttime: 1416742323
Starttime: 23.11.2014 11:32:03
Version: oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r9980
Compiler: arm-cortex-linux-gnueabi-su980-libusb
ConfigDir: /mnt/hdd0/program/tuxbox/config/

Web interface support: yes
LiveLog support: yes
jQuery support intern: yes
Touch interface support: yes
SSL support: no
DVB API support: yes
DVB API with AZBOX support: no
DVB API with MCA support: no
DVB API with COOLAPI support: no
DVB API with STAPI support: no
DVB API with Samsung TV support: no
Irdeto guessing: yes
Anti-cascading support: yes
Debug mode: yes
Monitor: yes
Loadbalancing support: yes
Cache exchange support: yes
CW Cycle Check support: yes
LCD support: no
LED support: no
Clockfix with realtime clock: yes
IPv6 support: no

camd 3.3x: no
camd 3.5 UDP: yes
camd 3.5 TCP: yes
newcamd: yes
CCcam: yes
CCcam share: yes
gbox: yes
radegast: yes
scam: yes
serial: yes
constant CW: yes
Pandora: yes
ghttp: yes

Reader support: yes

Nagra: yes
Irdeto: yes
Conax: yes
Cryptoworks: yes
Seca: yes
Viaccess: yes
NDS Videoguard: yes
DRE Crypt: yes
Bulcrypt: yes
Griffin: yes
DGCrypt: yes

cardreader_phoenix: yes
cardreader_internal_azbox: no
cardreader_internal_coolapi: yes
cardreader_internal_sci: no
cardreader_sc8in1: yes
cardreader_mp35: yes
cardreader_smargo: yes
cardreader_pcsc: no
cardreader_smartreader: yes
cardreader_db2com: yes
cardreader_stapi: no
cardreader_stinger: yes

# oscam.conf generated automatically by Streamboard OSCAM 1.20-unstable_svn SVN r9980
# Read more:

logfile = /var/local/oscam.log
nice = -1


port = 19920
nodeid = 91C76F8F100C14A6
version = 2.3.0
reshare = -1

enabled = 1
au = 1
request_mode = 1
user = localuser
boxtype = dreambox

httpport = 8888
httpuser = admin
httppwd = admin
httpallowed =,
hideclient_to = 15

# oscam.user generated automatically by Streamboard OSCAM 1.20-unstable_svn SVN r9980
# Read more:

user = localuser
monlevel = 1
keepalive = 1
au = 1
group = 4


# oscam.server generated automatically by Streamboard OSCAM 1.20-unstable_svn SVN r9980
# Read more:

label = cardreader-tntsat
description = TNTSAT
protocol = internal
device = /dev/sci0
caid = 0500
detect = cd
cardmhz = 500
aeskeys = V 030B00 E1 F786E21F1782BE097553B0D349E0362A
group = 4
lb_weight = 1000
auprovid = 030B00

label = remoteshare
protocol = cccam
device =,19920
inactivitytimeout = 30
group = 4
cccversion = 2.2.1
cccmaxhops = 0
ccckeepalive = 1
audisabled = 1


P: 0963:000000
P: 0500:043800
P: 0500:042200
p: 0500:042700
p: 09CD:000000
p: 0500:041700
p: 0500:030B00
#p: 0100:00006a
p: 0500:022610
p: 1702:000000
p: 183D:000000
p: 0BAA:000000
p: 0BAA:000000
p: 0D05