blackhole prismcube 2.15

[MODIFIED] XBMC media playback optimisation ( including 1080p )
[MODIFIED] Changing network setting in configuration menu is allowed during recordings ( Note : network recording paths not allowed )
[MODIFIED] Czech, Slovak, Polish and Dutch OSD translation update ( Thanks to Milosh Cagalinec, Adam Nowak, Piotr O and Diderick Oerlemans )
[MODIFIED] Pre-installed XBMC addons update ( Added/Updated : Subtitles, Lyrics, Metadata and Yahoo! Weather addons. Removed : Wunderground Weather )
[MODIFIED] EPG and Timer window slide menu
[FIXED] Saving previously chosen audio track language
[FIXED] CrossEPG hang up
[FIXED] Reset advanced settings after performing factory reset
[FIXED] Reset XBMC GUI settings after performing XBMC reset
[FIXED] Python subprocess patch
[FIXED] Swapping audio issue on a locked PIP channel
[FIXED] Start recording bug
[FIXED] Timer frequency bug on Edit timer