Last Updated 11/17/2014


[NEW] Add "Format USB Stick" menu in configuration ( A fix for those who have trouble with unrecognizable USB stick when updating new firmware )
[MODIFIED] Korean, Japanese, Thai language subtitle support
[MODIFIED] Record path setting dialog popup when you start recording but no record path set
[MODIFIED] XBMC PVR client addon update
[MODIFIED] Relocating My record path menu in configuration ( Recording -> Storage )
[MODIFIED] Polish translation update
[FIXED] Downloading CrossEPG data on power off and active standby mode
[FIXED] Stopping weekly recording
[FIXED] EPG window python script error
[FIXED] Record path bugs
[FIXED] Audio passthrough bug
[FIXED] Teletext subtitle bug
[FIXED] XBMC media playback and subtitle bug
[FIXED] XBMC navigation hangup
[FIXED] NTFS mount bug on system booting
[FIXED] Backup and restore root filesystem bug
[FIXED] Connecting to XBMC web server
[FIXED] Deleting recording files on NAS in Archive
[FIXED] Checking XBMC addon update bug
[FIXED] Saving advanced settings
[FIXED] Media playback hang up in XBMC
[FIXED] Python script error hang up in XBMC
[FIXED] Mute bug on locked channel
[FIXED] Block audio when switching from TV channel to locked radio channel