Last Updated 10/22/2014
[MODIFIED] XBMC PVR client addon update
[MODIFIED] My record path in configuration ( Recording -> Storage )
[MODIFIED] Polish translation update
[FIXED] Connecting to XBMC web server
[FIXED] Deleting recording files on NAS in Archive
[FIXED] Checking XBMC addon update bug
[FIXED] Saving advanced settings
[FIXED] Media playback hang up in XBMC
[FIXED] Python script error hang up in XBMC
[FIXED] Mute bug on locked channel
[FIXED] Block audio when switching from TV channel to locked radio channel

Known Issues
[UNRESOLVED] PIP stability in fast scan fav group and scrambled channels
[UNRESOLVED] Having trouble to connect to hidden wifi network
[UNRESOLVED] Blind scan missing