Salut à tous,

New Original Image (V5.6) Released

Vu+ Duo et Vu+ Solo

This Release Includes:

Open Embedded

- Fix HDD Detection problem at bootup
- Speed up screen capture
- MediaPlayer related libraries update.
- Update e2 to the latest version.
- Relocate the fb.ko to its original postion.(fb.ko remains for backward compatibility)

- For other details, please take a loot at git log.

Driver update

- Support PIP(I-Frame only, duo)
- TS playback improvement(fix bogus error message)

- Fix PIP problem(Support all video modes, duo).
- Fix PIP and OSD overlap problem(duo)

- Support accelerated graphic fill
- Enhance PIP stability(duo)
- Support dvb api ver. 5 at vtuner driver(DVB-S2 support)
- Recording improvement