patched drivers -2015-06-23-by-ramiMAHER

* Kernel: Depends on the model will be one version or another. (Modified and optimized Javilonas)
* Enigma2: 07/06/2015 (Own Sources)
* Open Source:
* Image: OpenLD - 07/07/2015
* BusyBox: v1.23.1 (optimized for javilonas)
* Drivers: The more current to date (depending on the model will be one version or another)
* Skin Default: MetrixHD
* Webinterface: OpenWebif OWIF Version 0.4.6 (Updated)
* Distro Version: 1.9 - OpenLD (no official test)
* Expert Mode enabled by default
* Original Bootlogo is maintained OpenLD
* Multiple changes at Enigma2 (several bugs fixed)
* Updated Drivers in several models (Gigablue, VUPLUS, Ixuss, Dreambox, XTREND Evo)
* Updated various plugins addons.
* Default takes drivers rt3573, rt5572, ath9k-htc, carl9170, rt2500, rt2800, rtl8187, RT3070, zd1211rw, rtl8192cu, asix, 178a, r8712u, rt73, smsc75xx, r8723a, rt8723bs, mt7601u.
* Added Plugin NetDrive
* Removed EPG Import
* Updated samba
* Support EU Marvel1 and Ultra Gigablue
* Updated terrestrial.xml, satellites.xml and cables.xml
* Translation to Spanish enigma2 many areas that were in English (Thanks to Jglez3 translate mike-99 and several fix)
* Added support for IPv6 and IPv6 streaming
* Fixed misleading error message flash memory full.
* Added option to restore inet.d file when the telnet and FTP stop working.
* Fixed error double SAT and DTT Scan
* Now error screenshots are blue
* Added more options for 720p / 50 and 1080i / 50 (autoresolution)
* Various fixes in HDMICEC
* Added support for 2 GB of swap
**** Blue Panel Blue button OpenLDGreen button **** PluginsGreen Button Green Button **** **** ADDONSRed button blue button **** **** ServicesYellow Button **** Set SoundRed Button **** Electronic Program Guide
This version is the final and official version if you have installed an earlier downloaded from somewhere else, please do clean install, there are many differences.