VU+ Solo2 New OpenSpa 7.0.001
What is new
OE-Core Build:
Update from Jetro to Morty
GCC 5.30 -> GCC 6.20
Glibc 2.23 - > 2.24
Python 2.7.11 -> 2.7.12
Bitbake 1.29 -> 1.32
Multiple compilation environment optimized
Bugs checking, optimize cache memory and much more
Gstreamer 1.11.0 -> Gstreamer 1.11.1
New Media Codec support
Optimize streams HLS
Fix bugs and optimize memory for embedded systems
- New drivers for Vuplus Solo 4k, Edision OS Mega and Formuler
- Fix switching aspect ratio
- ffmpeg update
- Optimize Full HD skin for third-party plugins
- Fix green screen when switch from OpenSPA homemenu to standard enigma2 menu
- Fix bug with newchannelselection and OpenSPA options in some receivers
- Kodi 17.0 RC4 for WeTek Play & Vuplus
- More spanish translations added
- Fix bug with minus temperatures in spzweather.
- Fix bug in TV series record plugin
- Add option to write search time about TV series chapters
- Add option to get date at compatible VFD's
- Youtube implemented new system for obtain video url
- Minor fixes

User : root
Pass : openspa