My Dream Toolbox VU+ Edition v4.0

It include:
VU+ Controll center 0.3
VU Setting back up
USB Disk Storage Format
DreamBoxEdit 4.0.12
FileZilla 3.5.1 NEW
Notepad++ 5.9.4 NEW
******* toolbox 0.12
ZebraDem-Feedbox-Vuplus v.1.4.1a (no instal)
e2 picon manager
LSK VU + Team Stream 0.06
E2 boologo generator
******* config creator NEW
Signal meter 0.08 NEW
DogSettings NEW
Vu+ drivers
Tutorial page NEW

Lasest changes:
Added signal meter 0.08
Update DogSettings_to ver
Update firezilla to ver 3.5.1 Final
Update notepad to ver 5.9.4
Update *******_Config_Creator to ver _3.5.0.118
Update tutorial page