Vskin HD (Version 2.008) **last updated 20/01/2018**

You can download all the latest versions of my skins and other goodies via my dropbox folders.
Updates: V2.008 - A few code amendments in preparation for converting to 1080 skin.

Updates: V2.005 - Fixed Vix Backup Manager Menu - also added in description for dsayers custom mix plugin
Updates: V2.004 - Added back in the missing buttons on HDD mount - mount page. Also put a tiny bit of padding back on openatv settings screens. So they can breathe.

Updates: V2.003 (OpenATV 5.3/6 OpenVix 4/5) - Corrected Crossepg downloader background. Enlarged text on Channel Select (Next). Reverted all my configlists (settings pages) back to how they were so they are now backward compatible with older builds and VIX.

Updates: V2.002(OpenATV) - Corrected the buttons on cron timer - fixed typo in extras.xml - added in extra xml files for use with the new toppicks mod

Updates: V2.001(OpenATV) - Changed the font reference for infobar single epg. Also added in colours for LCD. Fixed image backup layout. Fixed epg tabs position. Added in a few more logo choices for main logo on the left and Tivo logo on the right. Vskin red now available.

Updates: V2(OpenATV) - New layouts for openatv 6+ (see posts at bottom of thread)

Updates: v1.106 - Skinned dsayers custom mix plugin - so if you don't use this particular plugin - no update needed.

Updates: v1.105 - It was brought to my attention that on eventview (info button) and movie bar my < > text had reverted to escaped characters. This is now fixed in both vskinhd and vskinbolt.
Updates: v1.104 - Fixed purple background showing on single epg < >. Added in yellow button for clientmode on tuner config (openvix)
Updates: v1.103 - 04/07/2017: Fixed purple background showing on multi epg < >
Updates: 29/06/2017: Fixed purple background showing on timeshift.
Updates: 12/06/2017: General tidy up for openvix 5.0 and openatv 6.0
Updates: 08/03/2017: picon sets updated. itv box office, trt world, motorsport.tv, cinema monsters, cinema greats, bloomberg hd

Updates: 01/03/2017: All my skins have had a minor code update this week. Everything should be fully working on Vix, openatv 5.3 and openatv 6.0. Picons have also been updated. (* if you find any more bugs in my skins for openatv 6.0 please drop me an email*)


This skin will work on the majority of OE Aliiance builds (OpenATV, OpenVix, ItaltSat etc. Not OpenPli) and the majority of modern enigma2 boxes (ZGemmas, XTrends, VUs, [email protected], dreambox 800se, Edisions etc.)

Installing the skin:

Download the IPK file in my skin folder. If for some reason it downloads a zip file. Extract the zip so you just have the IPK file.

FTP the IPK file over to your temp folder. var/volatile/tmp.
(if you do not know how to ftp over to your box, please read my barebones install guide. There is a section in there that covers this)

OpenATV install instructions

Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
Press ok on the package
press green to install.

Once it has installed you need to set it as your skin.

Menu… setup… Usage & GUI… skin setup

Reboot your box if you are not prompted to.


OpenVix install instructions

Menu > setup > VIX > Ipkg install
Press ok on the package
press green to install.

Once it has installed you need to set it as your skin.

Menu… setup… System… user interface… skin setup

Reboot your box if you are not prompted to.


You are welcome to use my slyk skin in your backup builds as long as you leave my about page and skin.xml details intact. Please also drop me a pm to let me know if you are including it.
You are welcome to include it on any boxes you are selling but my skin is not to be sold separately on ebay by freeloading [email protected]
If posting my skin on other forums, please link to my dropbox folder as this is always up to date. Do not just upload the IPK file to your forum.