New OE2.2 for all Dreamboxes
New OE2.2 for all Dreamboxes
OE changes compared to version OE2.0:
•Added support for DM7080.
•If a recipe changes, the corresponding packages will be rebuilt automatically, in contrast to required manual PR bumps in the past.
•Each machine uses its own tmp directory again, like before 2.0. However, there is a shared sstate-cache, which allows to share already compiled data between compatible machines. This impacts performance and size of the build system, but improves reliability and consistency across builds.
•Support for machines without FPU and kernel versions below 3.x was dropped (DM800).
•Layers under ****-bsp were combined into ****-dreambox.
•Package Manager changed to APT. Default package format switched from ipk (opkg) to deb (dpkg + apt).
•dreambox-image was renamed to include the package format(dreambox-image-deb).
•Init System changed to systemd.
--- OE 2.2 (OE: OpenEmbedded) is successor of OE2.0. With the launch of the DM 7080 HD this branch was created. The following Dreamboxes are supported:
DM 500 HD
DM 500 HD V2
DM 800 HD SE
DM 800 HD SE V2
DM 7020 HD
DM 7020 HD V2
DM 7080 HD
DM 8000 HD PVR

Gemini Plugin
In the future the corresponding Gemini Plugin will be:
•Gemini Plugin 3.3 (short GP3.3)for OE 2.2

The available flash capacity is not sufficient for all listed Dreamboxes to flash the OE 2.2 image. It might be possible to boot from a network share or an external device.

Support ends for DM800 !!!