carte dvb Twinhan et alt-dvb


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pour faire fonctionné votre carte dvb Twinhan avec Alt-dvb copier le fichier suivant dans le dossier devices de Alt-dvb.
nouvelle version BDA Interface v0.1.0.6 For AltDVB

  • code cleanup
  • fixed bug for TwinHan AD-SP400 CI
  • fixed bug for DVB-C Twinhan 2033 Mantis
  • fixed bug in put_Range introduced in an private release
  • fixed bug for KNC One
  • added configuration file
    • a) those that can't tune to DVB-S2 channels try changing the default 8VSB
      to 8PSK value - newer drivers use new value for 8PSK signalling
    • b) DiSEqC configuration for now is always COMMITED
suite mis a jour....

correction d'un bug du signal tuner

fixed bug when tuner reports signal statistics on more than one topology node
BDA Interface v0.1.0.8 For AltDVB

BDA Interface v0.1.0.8 For AltDVB

  • fixed tuning for Airstar-2 with final BDA 4.4.1 drivers
  • removed "failed put_FrequencyMultiplier" message, most drivers don't implement it
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