1. Fixed AU keys Tricolor TV Center (36,0E).
2. Added Fast Blind scan a blind search for C-band. As this sub-band intermediate frequency is subtracted, the blind search is powered by maximal frequency to a minimum. If the wrong frequency range of the input unit - the receiver by pressing the OK button will not start the blind scan, unless you enter the correct values ​​(extended C band 3,400-4,200 GHz).
3. Fix bug with fading pictures on FTA channels. Now FTA channels are directly, bypassing the processor descrambler.
4. Added value of the intermediate frequency LNB for the Ka-band (20450 and 21200), to non-standard values ​​use the manual entry of the local oscillator frequency (up to 30,000).
5. Added automatic selection sub converter, now that overlaps the lower and upper values ​​of the range - the receiver switches to the value that is closer to the center frequency.
5. Added support for modulation 32-APSK.
6. Added support for hiding the input data server (Menu - 1113). Previously, only asterisks closed the password is now hidden server, port, username, password.
7. Added database of serial numbers.