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Octagon SF4008 4K UHD E2 Drivers / E2 / Kernel Updates

sami noor

DZSatien Occasionnel
OCTAGON SF4008 4K UHD E2 Updates 26.05.2019

- [sf4008] update ir drivers
- New Online/Local Flash Menu
- New Complete Backup Menu
- Install Full Backup Image from Power Button Standby Menu
- [multiboot] add MessageBox before reboot
- RDS Info for Radio Ch. fix.
- exteplayer3 fix.
- webkithbbtv update
- MIS/PLS LCN Multistream Plugin Support
- python-youtube-dl update
- Add GPT usb disk support in fastboot
- Change the default bootargs in fastboot for sf4008
- So it can enter recovery even lost bootargs partition for sf4008.
- Fixed a assert error during boot and remove some debug infos
- Remove the debug info for kernel print
- [rt8723bs] disable powermanagement
- Software Manager (Flash Online):
- fix BSOD then get io error open STARTUP files
- about fix startup infos for new multiboot images
- Fixed noise when playing 32bit PCM Audio
- Sound problem fixed
- [linux] Add Hauppauge DualHD bulk models
- Add Inverto IDLU-UST110-CUO4O-32P (Unicable)
- add missing dat time changes
- [FileCommander] add path to script parameter
- [FileCommander] fix title for translation
- [FileCommander] fix possible bs
- [FileCommander] add setTitle in FileCommanderContextMenu
- eDVBFrontendParameters FEC add.
- scanStatusChanged update
- eDVBTSTools update
- EPGlist update
- Movielist update
- Addons key actions update
- Add missing FECs for dvb-c2/t2/s2
- ServiceScan update
- ScanSetup update
- Transponder parameter update
- Fix rewind freeze
- Kernel Update & Modify
- [linux] fix mt7601u detection
- [submodule] update realtek rt8188fu
- rt8188fu change git with more updates for older kernels
- add wifi rtl8188fu
- [linux] fix issue dib7000 add patches from 4.4.179
- dvb-usb-linux_4.4.179.patch
- dvb-usb tuner with dib7000 chip
- VirtualKeyBoard fix merge issue

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