New VTi "Vu+ Team Image" - V 2.3 28.12.2010 OE 1.6

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New VTi "Vu+ Team Image" - V 2.3 28.12.2010 OE 1.6

Enigma 23.12.2010
Treiber 21.12.2010
Plugins 28.12.2010
Skins 28.12.2010

Changes: VTi Bootlogos and new Radiomode Logo.
Multiple fixes at Imagesources and diffs, link from /usr/keys to /var/keys created and different litlle things in the image.

Vu+ Duo

Turn off LNB power at standby

Fix video event problem

Fix VFD display problem

Fix long press key problem

Adjust remote control response time a bit more

Fix virtual tuner problem.

Support Fancontorl interface at standby

Support pcm sound(needs additional kernel modules)
in dolby digital downmix mode.

Clean up playback driver and fix misc. bugs.

Fix some diseqec switch problem.

Fix front rotary switch problem

Separate gcc 4.4.3 version and 4.1.1 version

Make screen blank when zapping

Enhance tuning algorithm

Support more mkv file formats.

Fix occasional "no audio" problem in playback

Fix "late audio play" problem in playback

Support EOS detection in playback driver

Fix mp3 playback problem

Support FF trick mode in playback

Adjust memory allocation

Support DTS Passthrough

From VTi Team

VTi Panel (Blue Button)

supported languages are Englisch, German, Dutch

short press on blue button opens VTi Panel, longer press opens Pluginmenu

Enhanced Multiboot support (BA and other)

Enhanced SATA-HDD recognition

Some Enigma2 fixes

Cronjobs full supported

No error massages while changeing the password

Pure audio disc playback - (USB CD Drive)

Kernel and system enhancements

OE1.6 QT-Webbrowser support

Many enhancements in network and networkbrowserplugin

Support for Windows 7 Samba (CIFS-Server)

Support for Vu+ Duo Imagebackup (USB/NFI-Restore) OE1.6 Fix

New Enigma2 Crashlogremover

Swapfile at /media/usb

IPK-Installer search at /media/usb/* too

Softwaremanager plugin is now build-in into the image

Rytec EPG

Fix FanControl settings problem after reboot

Some WLAN fixes

Support for FTDI chipset cardreader like smargo and easymouse2

Greenscreen fix when no softcam is installed and any color key will be pressed

New Skin Infobar/Renderfile

Running Softcam shown in the Infobar

Better support for MyTube, MetacafeDirect and other

Support for WLAN Stick with RT3070 chipset (802.11b/g/n)

Device Manager (THX to openee project for code base)
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